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Our passion is to help individuals and couples to beat pornaddiction

Are you struggling with pornography/sexual addiction or betrayal? You have come to the right place. We have been there too... Yes, this addiction nearly ended our own marriage, and we had to learn how to recover/heal ourselves.

Through our own personal experience with these problem and through specialized, training, we provide online programs and 1 on 1 help for all those that are looking to recover.
Understand that you have what it takes to succeed. Getting in touch with your full potential can be difficult, especially in an addiction, but with the help of an experienced mentor like Christoffer Nettelbladt who specializes exclusively in helping people from porn addiction, you know your journey is on the right track.
Sometimes we need a little help from an experienced mentor who can help us along the way. Seeking that help is a strength.
We Can Help You Get Rid Of Porn Addiction In 90 Days
Scandinavia's First Program To Get Out Of Porn Addiction That Combines Mentoring With Community Access And Online Programs 
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People Talk

Nicolas - Helicopter pilot

“The thing I appreciated most about Chris as a coach was his ability to work backwards through my thought process whenever I had a setback and identify the key reason that it happened. 

With his help I was able to identify two personality traits (perfectionism and procrastination) that make me more vulnerable to porn addiction. From there he worked with me to develop strategies and systems to overcome the negative effects of these traits and become a better version of myself. 

More than anything this program has tough me to relax. Before this program I constantly wound up so tight from stress of trying to fight this that I was honestly incapable of relaxation. Chris helped me to realise that I need more balance in my life between my physical, mental and spiritual energy and once again helped me develop strategies and systems to achieve that balance. 

I never would have guessed that perfectionism and procrastination were the main triggers I deal with. I consider myself a hard worker, and never thought of myself as someone who has a problem with procrastination.”

Bersley - Real estate broker

“Going into Christoffer's program I had already tried a few others without getting results. Right out the gates I could sense the step up in quality working with Chris. It was the first time I received handouts to go with the training.
My relationship was shaky going into this program because my partner and I wanted to get married and start a family together. But I faced an ultimatum to recover from my porn addiction within a year or she would leave me. With Christoffer's help I was able to recover within 3 months."

David Clinical director

"Christoffer has a strong precedence in a specific area of addiction which is courageous and inspiring. I enjoy the working relationship I have with him as Christoffer is humble, professional and supportive."
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-Terry Crews Recovered From Porn Addiction

 "You take action based on where you want to be, not based on where you are."
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