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Do You Or Your Partner Have A Porn addiction?

You are not alone!
We are here for you
First and foremost, you who read this should know that you are not alone and you are entitled to your feelings. This applies to both you who are potentially addicted and you who are a partner.
How to identify pornaddiction
Porrberoende är en mycket vanlig form av sexberoende.
Väldigt simplifierat så är ett porrberoende en okontrollerbar upptagenhet av sexuellt bild- och videomaterial. Beteendet har pågått i mer än sex månader. Detta trotts negativa konsekvenser i personens liv och trotts försök att sluta.
Ett porrberoende kan te sig olika och ha pågått olika länge, men tre kriterier går att identifiera hos personer som har ett porrberoende:
  • Being preoccupied:                                                     Both a preoccupation with searching for and watching porn, but also a mental preoccupation with thinking about porn and the next opportunity to act out the pattern of addiction.
  • Lost Control:                                                        People with porn addiction often try to quit completely cut down on the porn without success. This "dance" of trying to take control, fall back into porn and try to stop often lasts a very long time. It is not uncommon for people seeking help to try to quit on their own for several years.  
  • Negative consequences:                                          For themselves, partners and other relationships as a direct result of the compulsive addiction. Gradually, porn addicts experiences the same life consequences as alcoholics, drug addiction and gambling addiction, such as neglected relationships, interests, anxiety, loneliness, impaired self-esteem and self-confidence.

Life after gone through our process

  • Free from addiction without shifting into other negative patterns
  • strengthened self-esteem and self-confidence
  • ​Enforced impulse control and are able to set healthy boundaries towards yourself and others
  • ​Balance between physical, mental and spiritual health
  • ​Du är i kontakt med dina känslor och behov samt besitter förmågan att förmedla dem vördnadsfullt
  • ​Ökad förståelse för dig själv och din omgivning
  • ​Du kan bygga och vårda sund intimitet
  • ​implementerat en mästarmentalitet

Your comeback story is our passion
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